Bali Creative Community Mission & Goals



The fabric of Bali's creative economy will represent the inter-mingled structure, which is the uniqueness of its culture. This is constantly being enriched with the new colors of contemporary global living environment.

With tourism growing quickly, trade expanding, people moving, people staying - Bali has gradually become the center of global attention for many interests. The demand for an established infrastructure to accommodate all activities as a global village has escalated in recent years. The influences of the global interaction have exploded in the rapid growth of available goods & services in many forms.

The Bali Creative Community, spearheaded by BEDO (Bali Export Development Organization ) and Bali Now! was formed by people from different walks of lives, who are keen to participate in the island's drive toward independence from the sole economic powerhouse of tourism.

This community comprises individuals in Bali who are professionally involved in: Film - Music - Advertisement - Mobile Content - Literature - Museums/Galleries/Parks - Animation - Fashion - Product Design - Visual Art - Architecture - Publishing - Graphic Design - Culinary - Art , Dance & Music Performances - Interactive Games - Technotainment - Internet.

(BCC) Bali Creative Community) is proud to present the best of Bali's creative players in a combined effort to offer the world a variety of unique artists and individuals to enter the global market with quality products & services, while maintaining Bali's integrity with it's phenomenal cultural heritage and the priority of finding the sound solutions to preserve our planet.


The Founding Bali Creative Community People

This website was created by the people of the Bali creative community to promote their vision and agenda of what they refer to as sustainable development and how it contributes to the improvement of life conditions for all. In 2009 their Creative Community Programs were projected out for a 5 year span. I have noticed on their Facebook page the lasts posts were from 2014. I moved with children and wife to Bali in 2012 from the east coast of the US near Washington DC to spend at least several years traveling around Bali and then settling down to write. The Baltimore City movers I used were great. They were a local company, but were also a full service agent for northAmerican Van Lines and their global network for moving internationally. Let me say from experience that international relocations take a great deal of time and effort to coordinate. Von Paris International not only provided me with specialized international packing, wrapping, crating and containerization of my household goods, but also took care of the many other details associated with an international relocation. My years in Bali were very fulfilling. I even saw the movie Janggan Harvesting The Wind, May 22 - May 27, 2014 at the Denpasar Cineplex having read about it on the Bali Creative Community's Facebook page). We are now back in the US.

Recently I discovered that the domain was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating as much of its original content as possible from archived pages. I did not want someone else to purchase the domain and re-purpose the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website. Their message was too important to let it disappear.. 


Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it, please be indulgent.

Arief ‘Ayip’ Budiman is a key figure of graphic design and marketing communication in Indonesia. In 2008 he published his book "I See Indonesia". He has been: instrumental in the creation of the Bali Creative Community (2008), creative ambassador in Bangkok Design Festival 2008 and 2009, KL Design Week 2010, and Creative Entrepreneurs Network Asia Pacific in Thailand in 2009, co-founder of the Bali Creative Festival in 2010 and 2011, Chairman of Indonesian Graphic Designers Association 2010-2012.

Jeff Christianto

Chairman of Bali Export Development Organization (BEDO), a fast growing export organization in Bali. Graduated from Udayana University as Interior Designer at 1995, and owner of home d'cor products business called ?ASIALINE?. His design is well known as ethically modern style. A collaborate between modern style with local material and traditional working technique, mostly export to Europe & US.

Christian Fritz
Christian is a certified financial accountant and tax consultant with a degree in business management from VWA Munich and has more than 15 years experience in financial controlling under EU and Asian (Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia) regulations. He has eight years of private sector work experience in Indonesia and is the founder of one of Indonesia’s first social enterprises, the Bali International Consulting Group ( with its main focus towards sustainable development, and he is co-founder of the Bali Export Development Organization (, a non-profit established to build awareness and capacity among local producers on international regulations and standards. He also serves as an independent commissioner on the board of two foreign investment companies operating in Indonesia.

As Indonesia’s first organizational stakeholder of the Global Reporting Initiative he strives to create more awareness on sustainability and corporate social responsibility in Indonesia.

As a founding board member of the Kuta Small Business Association he was recognized with the Community Service Award in 2004 for his work towards establishing the Kuta Karnival ( as a relief effort in response to the 2002 tragedy.
Since mid 2007 Christian is also representing the PATT Foundation ( in Indonesia.
His extra curriculum activities are tennis, diving, soccer and traveling.

Wara Urwasi
After graduated from Udayana University in Architecture Programme at 2006, Wara worked with famous Balinese architect AA. Yoka Sara in Bale Legend until 2007. In January 2008, she established her own studio called Gitakaran, place where she develop her interest in architectural design and research. She also interest in writing, even if she had stopped to publish her works for five years. Her poems were published in local newspaper Bali Post (1998-2002) and poems anthology Upacara Tanah (2000). She also won in several local and national writing competitions.

Arie S. Sukirno
Arie marked a distinguished career in hotel and cruise line sales before establishing Bali’s newest in-bound tour operator. He has participated in international trade shows representing Spice Island Cruises as its Director of Marketing after stints with the Melia Bali Sol and the Tiara Medan Hotel in North Sumatra.
Originally from Jakarta, Arie is a hotel management graduate of the Hotel Touristik Fachschuele in Chur, Switzerland. He is married to Pia, his Swedish-born wife.


Mission + Vision

MISSION To develop, empower and sustain the role of creative industries as one of major contributors in Bali's economic growth and establish Bali as a showcase to the world for Indonesia's creative industry

VISION to enhance awareness, application and the drive of creative industries in all strata of society, while maintaining the strength of cultural life in Bali, at the same time developing awareness of how the industry can use creativity towards solving the present environmental crisis to nurture and maintain a strong creative/design based society, by finding ways of sharing Bali?s rich heritage of traditional creativity


2009 Creative Community Programs



Projected for 5 years, divided into short, medium and long term:
Educational; awareness, training, developing, standardization, quality & appreciation.
Infuse the creative-culture; Build the creative attitude among all walks of art, design & other related ventures/industries and enhance the importance of small creative industries that bring income into the community.

  • Develop environmental awareness; Focusing sustainability in today's industry and using creativity in design to spread this awareness.

  • To be competitive: knowing the market and the competitors, self-evaluation

  • Sell: trade ethics, promotion, networking, professionalism

  • Share: this program, once it succeeds, can offer a valuable module/training for communities in other parts of Indonesia.



To develop awareness and motivation to local and national community about how important a creative economic development in Bali is. To promote and expose the creative industries in Bali to the market and networks 

Creative & Design Industry mapping, Creative Community Gatherings. Establish Committee, Seminar & Workshop, Creative Products Showcasing (Online & Offline).



Sustainable Interior Design & Decoration for a Better Environment
Speaker: John Eussen - Green Interior Design Expert and Al Gore Ambassador in Australia.
Venue: Ayodya Resorts Bali
Time: May 17, 2008
Program Host: BIWA Bali, BEDO and Bali Now!


Showcasing selected products and design representing the latest creations and successful creative businesses in Bali
Launching: July 2008
Program Host: Bali Creative Power and Bali Now!


Participating and visiting Sydney Design Week 17-19 July 2008


This publication will features about prominent figures, events and programs in social, art, design and culture in Bali
Launching: August 17, 2008
Program Host: Bali Now!


Creative + Green Expo, Short Movie Screening, Creative + Green Seminar, Music + Art performances.
Venue: to be announced
Time: November 29-30, 2008
Program Host: Bali Creative Power



A Design and creativity festival evoking what's happening in Bali now.

Bali Creative Power is a program initiated by Bali Creative Community in response to the world creative movement and the global recognition of the economic potential of creative industries in Bali.

The pre-positioning power of Bali Creative Power inculdes;

  • A Culture of Tolerance
  • A Visionary Society, where local communities can express their creative talent.
  • Marketable businesses, utilizing traditional commodities (art & culture) to higher value Creative Product towards environmental sustainability.
  • Create diversity and richness of experiences that stimulate creativity and competitiveness.
  • Develop more income sectors other than tourism especially for Bali.

MISSION:  To develop, empower and sustain the role of creative industries as one of major contributors in Bali's economic growth and establish Bali as a showcase to the world for Indonesia's creative industry

VISION:  to enhance awareness, application and the drive of creative industries in all strata of society, while maintaining the strength of cultural life in Bali, at the same time developing awareness of how the industry can use creativity towards solving the present environmental crisis to nurture and maintain a strong creative/design based society, by finding ways of sharing Bali?s rich heritage of traditional creativity


Creativity: Having the ability or power to create, characterized by originality and expressiveness.

Sustainability: Capable of being continued with positive long-term effect on the environment, and society.

The balance between these two concepts is what we strive for. To aim at fulfilling the need for products with high design value, while contributing to sustainability and delivering quality to customers.

Why are we talking about Creativity and Sustainability in one context?

We need to promote literacy of what sustainable development is and how it contributes to the improvement of life conditions for all.

Our VISION should be environmental, economic and social wellbeing of individuals, groups of citizens, societies and the world at large.

Our MISSION should be to stimulate new, innovative and more responsible ways of thinking, living and working.

Our ROLE should be to facilitate the sharing of such insight, knowledge and wisdom and the use of such tangible methods and tools, as are needed to foster responsible innovation and development.


Creative Power Programs


Bali Creative Community Present “Evening With Designers”
Saturday 29 November 2008. 5.30 pm.
Sanur Paradise Plaza.

Featuring World’s Most Outstanding Graphic Designer Stefan Sagmeister. Now in Bali for 1 year self-project. Presenting his latest works on a book: “Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far”
Astonishingly, Stefan Sagmeister has only learned twenty or so things in his life so far. But he did manage to publish these personal maxims all over the world, in spaces normally occupied by advertisements and promotions: as billboards, projections, light-boxes, magazine spreads, annual report covers, fashion brochures, and, recently, as giant inflatable monkeys. In this presentation Sagmeister throws his diary, a lot of design, and a little art together with a pinch of psychology and a dash of happiness into a blender and pushes the button. It tastes surprisingly yummy.
To use a word like “legend” in connection with Stefan Sagmeister does not seem too far a stretch. Emily Heyward
STEFAN SAGMEISTER is among today’s most important graphic designers. Design Museum



The Bali Creative Community aims to build greater awareness of the creative economy that benefits local communities and the whole nation and that will become the medium of sharing, discussion and supporting people in creative fields.


Sanur Paradise Plaza
29 November 2008
Keynote Speaker: Marie E. Pangestu, Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia
Topic: Indonesia Creative Industry Highlight Andi S. Boediman (Creative Industry Evangelist)

Topic: Creative Community and Creative City

1. Dr. Dwinita Larasati, MA, Research Group Human & Industrial Product, Industrial Design Section, Faculty of Arts and Design Institute of Technology Bandung, Chief Creative Economy Commission Bandung Creative City Forum.
2. Popo Danes, Award winning & Leading architect from Bali Topic: Green & Sustainable Creative 1. Maya Pagandiri 'Bali Asli' = Green Products Development
2. Kalisari - 'Saraswati paper' = Bali Based Business on Recycled Paper
3. Noor Fitriana - Peneliti Univ. Negri Yogjakarta = Natural Dye – Green Heritage from the Past
4. Tommy - 'Dahlia Textile-Bandung' = Sustainable Raw Material Textile
5. Paola Cannuciari - 'Eko Bali' = Closing the Loop Moderator : Christian Fritz


1. Stefan Sagmeister, one of world’s best graphic-designer.
Topic: Things I have Learned In My Life So Far

2. Imam B. Prasodjo
A Creative Presentation

B. Creative Entertainments a. Parents Pet b. Dialog Dini Hari c. The Hydrant d. Nyoman Sura